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The Product

There should be a plan which gives each and every business holder an option to have their own indivisual shop online and that which comes under their budget.Unlock potential of your online business with great and clean design.There are dozens of awesome designs you can choose from.

Pricing like it should be.






Production Ready.


Catalog Management

Simple, configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.), bundled and grouped products.

Product Browsing

Multiple images per product.Product image zoom-in capability

Order Management

Create one or multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order to allow for split fulfillment

Customer Accounts

Account dashboard, Order status and history, Re-orders from account and Product reviews submitted.

International Support

EU cookie notification simplifies the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive of the storefront.

Analytics and Reporting

Integrated with Google Analytics, Admin dashboard for report overview, Sales report.

Responsive Design

Quickly create a site optimized for any device using an included responsive design reference theme.

Backup and Rollback

System Backup, Database Backup and Database and Media Backup.

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